Free SSL (shared)

We use a RapidSSL Wildcard certificate to provide secure sub-domains for our clients (and for ourselves).

All abcHosting accounts include FREE SSL (shared).

How it works:

All website hosting accounts include one free secure sub-domain like

To secure certain functions of your website like forms or check-out pages from your shopping cart without the expense or hassle of having your own SSL certificate, you can use our shared SSL certificate. Simply configure things on your end so that the pages you need to secure are located on the secure sub-domain that we provide.

To access your secure sub-domain, simply use the same FTP login and password that was assigned you for your original hosting account.

Note that add-on domains do not include a secure sub-domain, so this can only be used from your primary account domain.

Click here if you need to purchase a dedicated SSL certificate.

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