Real Bandwidth

Want to know how some hosting companies can offer 1000’s of gigabytes of throughput per user? It’s called over-subscription. It means selling more of something than you actually have.

Many hosting companies sell 100’s of times more bandwidth than they have available, and they get away with it most of the time because most users never need but a fraction of what they have paid for, and usually not every user needs it at the exact same time.

But what happens when some users need more or when many users happen to need it all at the same time? Everything slows down. Or stops.

At abcHosting we do not over-subscribe our throughput. If we offer you 5000 MB of throughput, it’s all yours. If you don’t use it, we don’t care. We will not try to sell it again to someone else. AbcHosting never sells more bandwidth than what has been purchased from it's providers.

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