Feel like a kidnap victim?

Want to switch your hosting but it's too much work or you are afraid you might mess it up? Why not relax and let us move it for you?

We perform a managed, turn-key migration from your old hosting company to your new server located at abcHosting. That means no lost emails, no web site downtime, no lost data and no ruined search engine rankings.

Here’s what the SiteMover™ team will do for you:

  1. Keep a full backup of your entire website, database, and email.
  2. Create a new name server and MX record for your site, on one of our name servers.
  3. Repoint your DNS records to your new name server (ours), wait 3 days.
  4. Tune TTL to control migration interval.
  5. Download a working copy of your site and data, install on our servers and test.
  6. Create your email accounts on our server.
  7. Repoint the name server, MX records from the old server to the new one.
  8. Your website, email continues to function seamlessly.
  9. Cutover is complete, we restore TTL to normal.
  10. Start to finish it takes about 5 business days.

SiteMover™ Service Pricing

Basic website & email (static content)

Complex website & email (dynamic content, database)
$199 & up. (Nearly all are $199 but if you have some complex monstrosity of a website, it’s going to cost extra. It that turns out to be the case, we will let you know in advance, and let you cancel if you don’t like the price

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